lördag 16 maj 2009

Another Litle uppdate.

Some new stuff i just did today, in a few hours.

Its a new fresh version of the fruits
And the second part of the test.

My Render of the radio.

And the original radio :

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Click on pictures to resize them to their original form. Dont forget that. and think their this small.

A few more uppdates. Tryng to keep doign stuff every day to have alot to show both here and for assignments. Still havent done the animation im working on but hopefulyl this weekend im ready.

First one here

And second one i had some problems whit the material of the glass instead.. Some wierd stuff.. but whatever i cant redo it att this point. Realy takes time. So these 2 will do for now. Will probably do it over again sometime in the future. no time now.. its press press press..

Anyway Last thing i can show is this.
A coffe cup i did for a lesson that i forgot of since last year. Took abbout 2 hours to do. and well turned out preety nice anyway so why not.

tisdag 28 april 2009

Alright. Some minor updates. Beeen a looooooooong while since ive updated this blog but im going to try to maintain my self to not looe touch and stop doing it again.
Anyway heres some new stuff.

First things first. Here's Something i did as a first 2D art ever. When i got my wacom board a month aggo.

Click on Picture to see a higher preview.

And heres a comp of some old and new sculpts 2 hours max spent on each one of them.

Click on thumbnails to watch bigger versions.-

And heres whats to come :

tisdag 21 oktober 2008

3D Finished Works and Wips

Some Renders of a LivingRoom that ive finished a week back.

The quality is available in a 32bit Tiff format also. But because of webquality restrains i had to convert them to a 8bit jpeg and therefore some grain may occur.

Obs the gamma/light result will differ on some Desktop Screens.

2 Speedsculpts that ive done since a while back. First one took abbout 1 & a half hour. And the second abbout 2 hours. Still working to get the hang of Zbrush.